Blood Sugar Blaster is an advanced blood sugar formula

Blood Sugar Blaster

Blood Sugar Blaster is an advanced blood sugar formula by Vitality Nutrition that works to provide natural glucose metabolism support using 20 different bio-available fruit, flower and bark extracts with vital nutrients that are backed by research and peer-reviewed studies, but are there risky side effects with negative scam complaints or does the supplement have legitimate ingredients?


What is Blood Sugar Blaster?

Blood Sugar Blaster is a diabetes supplement sold exclusively online through

The supplement is made by a company named Vitality Nutrition, which markets the formula mostly to diabetics and those in the pre-diabetes stage.

According to the Blood Sugar Blaster sales page, diabetics and pre-diabetics can enjoy the following benefits by taking the supplement daily:

Support healthy blood sugar levels

Support energy production

Maintain optimal insulin sensitivity

Support a deeper and more relaxing sleep

Support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol

People with diabetes struggle to manage blood sugar. Most doctors recommend diet and an exercise plan to manage blood sugar levels. If a diet change and exercise don’t work, doctors may prescribe insulin and other medication.

Vitality Nutrition claims to have developed Blood Sugar Blaster based on an “ancient Hindu manuscript.” The company claims to have identified a “5-second daily habit” hidden within that ancient manuscript. They used that secret formula to create Blood Sugar Blaster.

How Does Blood Sugar Blaster Work?

Blood Sugar Blaster uses vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts to give diabetics and pre-diabetics the ingredients they need to support healthy blood sugar levels.

Vitality Nutrition claims their formula specifically targets three enemies of diabetes. If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, then you may have a fatty liver, low beta cell production, and overactive lipids, among other issues.

Diabetic Enemy #1: Overactive Lipids: Diabetics tend to have overactive lipids that “hijack the pancreas,” according to Vitality Nutrition. This could increase cholesterol and weaken the production of insulin in your pancreas. As you gain weight, it makes it harder for your organs to do their job. Overactive lipids make this problem worse.

Diabetic Enemy #2: Fatty Liver: Overactive lipids can affect more than just your pancreas. They can also affect your liver. If you have a fatty liver, then fat has built up within your liver, making it difficult for your liver to do its job. Many people with diabetes have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which could weaken the effectiveness of the organ. You need your liver to filter toxins, and it plays a crucial role in health and wellness.

Diabetic Enemy #3: Low Beta Cell Production: Research shows that chronically elevated blood sugar levels can lead to poor beta cell performance, known as beta-cell turnover or beta turnout. Your pancreas produces insulin using beta cells, so weak beta cell production could make diabetes symptoms worse. Diabetics could have lower beta cell production than non-diabetics.

According to the official website for Blood Sugar Blaster, the formula contains minerals, vitamins, herbs, and plant extracts to fight these three enemies, helping diabetics and pre-diabetic users support healthy blood sugar and enjoy other benefits.

What Are the Blood Sugar Blaster Key Ingredients?

Let’s take a look at the primary active components in Blood Sugar Blaster and their benefits:

Cinnamon Bark Powder – Sourced from the inner bark of several tree species from the Cinnamomum family, this spice is well-regarded for its potential effects on blood sugar and insulin sensitivity. The compound in cinnamon, methylhydroxy chalcone polymer (MHCP), is believed to amplify insulin’s efficiency, thus improving glucose metabolism.

A study in Diabetes Care, a journal published by the American Diabetes Association, found that cinnamon intake can lower serum glucose, triglyceride, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes.

Chromium – An essential mineral, chromium plays a pivotal role in the metabolism of carbs, fats, and proteins. It enhances insulin’s action, ensuring optimal glucose utilization.

A review published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry by Yinan Hua highlighted chromium’s significance in augmenting insulin action, thus promoting better glucose control.

Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Powder – This traditional herb has been hailed as a potential “sugar destroyer.” As documented in the Glucoberry review, it can reduce sugar absorption in the intestines and enhance insulin function, thereby balancing blood sugar levels.

Research in the MDPI Nutrients Journal by Sophie Turner elucidated the efficacy of Gymnema Sylvestre in managing hyperglycemia and controlling sugar cravings .

Alpha Lipoic Acid – Often termed as the “universal antioxidant,” Alpha Lipoic Acid supports energy production in cells. It also promotes peripheral nerve health, which is critical for diabetic individuals.

A publication by Uma Singh and Ishwarlal Jialal in the Nutrition Review showcased the role of Alpha Lipoic Acid in defending against oxidative stress and supporting nerve health in diabetes (7).

Bitter Melon – Known for its unique taste, Bitter Melon is not just a vegetable but also a potent medicinal plant. It can influence glucose metabolism and enhance cellular uptake of glucose, aiding in blood sugar control.

An article in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease by Baby Joseph and D Jini underscored the anti-diabetic properties of Bitter Melon, supporting its traditional use for diabetes management .

Banaba Leaf – Derived from the Lagerstroemia speciosa tree, Banaba Leaf has long been used in traditional medicine. As referenced in the Striction D review, one of its active compounds, corosolic acid, is noted for its ability to influence glucose transportation, potentially stabilizing blood sugar levels.

A study by Toshihiro Miura in Evidence Based Complement Alternative Medicine affirmed the hypoglycemic effects of Banaba on individuals, underscoring its potential benefits for diabetic patients .

White Mulberry Leaf – Traditionally used to treat diabetes in various cultures, White Mulberry Leaf can inhibit certain enzymes that digest sugars, possibly leading to a decrease in blood sugar after meals.

A study from PLoS One by Mark Lown evidenced the potential of White Mulberry Leaf extract in glycemic control.

Other Ingredients include Vanadium, Vitamin E, Guggul, Juniper Berry Powder Extract, Zinc, Yarrow Flowers Powder, Licorice Root Extract, Biotin, L-Taurine, Cayenne Pepper Powder, Magnesium, Manganese, and Vitamin C.

What Are The Advantages Of Blood Sugar Blaster?

Blood Sugar Blaster offers several advantages that contribute to its effectiveness in supporting healthy blood sugar levels and overall well-being.

Blood Sugar Blaster is formulated with natural plant extracts that have been scientifically researched and proven to have beneficial effects on blood sugar regulation.
It provides essential nutrients, including chromium, biotin, and zinc, which are necessary for proper sugar metabolism and overall metabolic health.
It supports liver health and function, particularly in terms of fat metabolism and elimination.
It contains ingredients with antioxidant properties, such as cinnamon bark and bitter melon, which help fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.
Some ingredients in Blood Sugar Blaster, such as vanadium and bitter melon, have immune-enhancing properties.
It aims to improve not only blood sugar levels but also overall well-being by supporting various aspects of health, including cardiovascular health, liver function, immune function, and energy levels.
It is Backed by research studies

Final Verdict (Should You Buy Blood Sugar Blaster?)

In conclusion, Blood Sugar Blaster offers a natural supplement option for individuals looking to support healthy blood sugar levels. With its scientifically proven ingredients, transparent formulation, and comprehensive approach to blood sugar management, it stands out from other sugar supplements on the market.

While individual experiences may vary, the supplement aims to enhance glucose metabolism, improve insulin sensitivity, and address key factors that can impact blood sugar regulation. Additionally, following a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress management, is crucial for overall blood sugar control.


Q: Where is Blood Sugar Blaster manufactured?

A: Blood Sugar Blaster is proudly formulated in Utah, United States of America, in an FDA-registered facility, adhering to strict FDA regulations and Good Manufacturing Practice standards.

Q: Is Blood Sugar Blaster made with natural ingredients?

A: Yes, Blood Sugar Blaster boasts an all-natural formula that is non-GMO and Gluten-Free, ensuring quality and safety for its users.

Q: Where can I purchase Blood Sugar Blaster?

A: You can order Blood Sugar Blaster directly from the official product website. To ensure authenticity and quality, we recommend purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Additionally, the official site offers discounts on bulk purchases:

1 Bottle – $69
3 Bottles – $59/bottle
6 Bottles – $49/bottle
Plus, there’s free shipping on all orders!

Q: How should I take Blood Sugar Blaster?

A: For the best results, it is recommended you take 1 capsule twice a day. Take it 20-30 minutes before a meal with 8oz of water.

Q: Who is the ideal user of Blood Sugar Blaster?

A: Blood Sugar Blaster is perfect for anyone looking to support healthy blood sugar levels using natural ingredients.

Q: Can I return Blood Sugar Blaster if it doesn’t meet my expectations?

A: Absolutely! Blood Sugar Blaster comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied within these 60 days, you can contact them for return instructions and receive a full refund.

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Q: What makes Blood Sugar Blaster stand out?

A: Blood Sugar Blaster is a unique blend of 20 vital bio-available fruit, flower, and bark extracts paired with essential vitamins and minerals. Every ingredient is backed by research and peer-reviewed studies, ensuring its effectiveness in promoting healthy blood sugar levels.

Q: Can I combine Blood Sugar Blaster with other medications or supplements?

A: Before combining Blood Sugar Blaster with other medications or supplements, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure there are no interactions or contraindications.

Q: Does Blood Sugar Blaster Have Any Side Effects?

A: Blood Sugar Blaster uses natural ingredients, reducing the likelihood of side effects. If you experience any adverse effects, stop taking the product and consult with a healthcare provider.

Q: How Soon Can I Expect Results Using Blood Sugar Blaster?

A: Everyone’s body responds differently, but some users have reported noticeable changes in their energy levels and overall well-being within a few weeks. It’s recommended to take the supplement consistently and pair it with a balanced diet and regular exercise for optimal results

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