HIDRAGENIX fights and defeats excess weight loss


There are various ways of fighting obesity. Some people diet or engage in extreme workouts to fight excess fat mass. Conventional weight loss protocols like fasting, dieting, and workouts may work on certain people. In addition, fat loss results using traditional methods can take time. Also, the users must be consistent and determined to gain effective results.


What is Hidragenix?

Hidragenix is a weight management supplement comprising five active ingredients. The creator, Dr. Drew Sutton, is supposedly a board-certified surgeon based in the US. He explains that he has researched some of the best weight management protocols for over three decades. Hidragenix is a blend of several science-proven nutrients that can help you restore a healthy figure.

According to the official website, Hidragenix is designed to target even the deepest and most hardened fat layers. It comes with a refined dropper to make it easier to consume. Each drop has the correct composition of ingredients in acceptable medical dosages to give users within a short time.

Dr. Drew Sutton claims that Hidragenix is natural and obtained from local growers. Each plant-based nutrient is from organic farmers that allow the plants to reach maturity without using chemicals.

Every Hidragenix bottle is from a facility that complies with the FDA and GMP manufacturing guidelines. The creators claim each drop is pure and has zero dangerous chemicals. Additionally, each serving is natural and unlikely to give users any nasty side effects.

How Does Hidragenx Work?

Hidragenix supposedly targets the root of weight gain. Most people are gaining extra weight because of consuming high-carb, high-sugar, and high-salt foods. The modern diet has minimal nutrients and is rich in unhealthy chemicals.

Dr. Drew Sutton claims that Hidragenix uses multiple approaches to eliminate unhealthy weight. It uses scientific and practical approaches to clear the excess fat mass and prevent users from regaining it.

Increase Thermogenesis – Hidragenix is packed with various nutrients that accelerate the conversion of fat into heat and energy. The formulation stimulates fat metabolism for extended periods forcing the body to use the stored fat layers for energy.

Inhibit Leptin Resistance – The hormone suppresses unhealthy appetite by telling the brain your fat cells are “full.” Consequently, the body metabolizes the fat reserves instead of releasing the hunger hormone (ghrelin.) Controlled food intake supports healthy calorific deficit making the weight loss process easy.

Fight Inflammations – The cells must be healthy to support glucose metabolism. Multiple antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components inside Hidragenix can enhance cellular health.

Increase Energy Levels – Hidragenix can elevate energy levels. Ingredients such as raspberry ketones force the body to enter into ketosis, thus increasing fat oxidation.


All Hidragenix ingredients are purportedly clinically verified to support weight loss. Per the formulator, all the constituents are plant-based and from clean sources. They include:


Chromium deficiency hinders glucose metabolism and prevents insulin from performing its functions optimally. The mineral is essential in controlling glycemic range and preventing leptin resistance. Hidragenix cites that it can increase thermogenesis and help the body release stored fat.


Maca root is traditionally used to enhance male health. It has compounds that augment energy levels by increasing lipolysis. Maca is a metabolic booster that may stabilize hormonal levels, boosting male sexual health. It can also raise physical, mental, and sexual performance.


Guarana is a powerful weight-loss ingredient. The fruit raises fat metabolism and lipolysis. It can hinder insulin resistance and stop the overproduction of hunger hormones. Hidragenix claims that it has antioxidants that may augment cellular health. In addition, the Guarana fruit may control moods, enhance sleep, and combat emotional eating.


Eleutherococcus fixes weight issues by raising metabolic rates. It stimulates the body to use the aft stores instead of carbs for energy production. Eleutherococcus may improve the immune markers and restore the function of various weight-reducing hormones like thyroid, insulin, and leptin.


Astragalus is an immune-boosting ingredient common in traditional Chinese medicine. Most ancient herbalists prescribed the herb to treat chronic fatigue, improve brain health, and increase physical performance. The herb possesses anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Various people consume Astragalus to manage various medical issues and prolong life. Astragalus may benefit patients with heart issues such as myocarditis. Limited clinical studies indicate that it may boost the glycemic index in patients with type two diabetes.

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Green Tea

Hidragenix has some amounts of green tea. Unlike most common stimulants, green tea is a natural antioxidant and metabolic booster. It provides users with adequate energy without the nasty side effects of common stimulants. Hidragenix makers claim that it can give users an energy rush without zero risk of getting jitters or causing anxiety. Green tea contains compounds that force the body to metabolize fat for extended periods.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre is common in diabetic and weight management supplements. The ingredient supports health by boosting glucose oxidation and lipolysis. It restores the natural ability of the body to use fat stores for energy and minimizes fat storage. In addition, Gymnema Sylvestre may suppress the appetite, enhance moods, and improve overall well-being.

Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus Forskohlii combats obesity by increasing thermogenesis. The compound raises natural energy production and supports white adipose fat metabolism. Clinical trials indicate that Forskohlii may reverse high-fat-induced obesity in mice.


Capsicum is common in most Asian cuisines. Its active compound, capsaicin, stimulates healthy fat metabolism and thermogenesis. Most users experience a sudden energy rush after capsicum because of its metabolism-boosting effects.


Grapefruit stimulates lipolysis and elevates energy levels. It can also enhance cognitive health and improve brain functions. Grapefruit comprises vitamins and minerals that may support cellular health and alleviate unhealthy inflammations. Similarly, it may improve heart health by balancing blood pressure and eliminating bad cholesterol.

Panax Ginseng

Ginseng is clinically proven to elevate some metabolic parameters in obese folks. In a double-blind placebo-controlled investigation, the ingredient was established to increase energy levels, accelerate thermogenesis, and improve the mental performance of the users.

Other Hidragenix ingredients include Raspberry Ketones, L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine, Beta Alanine, GABA, L-Ornithine, and L-Carnitine. The creator does not disclose the exact servings of each proprietary nutrient. However, the official website cites various clinical studies that prove the effectiveness of each Hidragenix component in supporting weight loss.

Hidragenix Benefits

●    Hidragenix is a weight management supplement that can help you achieve your health goals.
●    It can increase body metabolism, elevate energy levels, and boost performance.
●    It may restore sexual health.
●    It can support longevity and slow the natural aging processes
●    It can improve the immune markers and help the body in fighting infections
●    It may support the digestive, heart, and joint health


Hidragenix is a doctor-formulated dietary supplement comprising multiple ingredients to stimulate natural fat burning. It works by fixing metabolism issues, elevating thermogenesis, and fixing the immune markers. Consuming one milliliter of Hidragenix daily can strengthen immunity, supports weight loss, improve moods, and augment overall well-being. Customers should use the weight management supplement for at least four months.

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